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Auto-Sync Payments & Invoices with Quickbooks Online

Sync Transaction Data

Transfer data between your payment gateway and QuickBooks Online seamlessly. Including sales, refunds and voids.

Invoice Payments

Allow your customers to pay you online, using QuickBooks Online invoicing feature. Once payment is received, the invoice is automatically updated on QuickBooks Online.

All-in-One Billing & Accounting Solution

Stop double data entry and manual work, and start saving time, mistakes and hassle. QuickBooks Online & MagicPay Invoice – the complete solution for your billing workflow. Take payments on your traditional payment gateway and auto-sync all transactions into your QuickBooks Online account. 

Additionally, use the QuickBooks Online Invoicing feature to bill your customers directly from QuickBooks Online, we will setup a payment link, and your customers will receive an email invoice with an online link to pay.  Once payment is made, your invoice and payment gateway are automatically updated with the payment.


Send Invoices

Send invoices from QuickBooks Online with a payment link for your customers to pay online.

Sync Data

Transfer your sales and invoices data from your payment gateway to QuickBooks Online. Including sales, refunds and voids.

Customer Profile

Track customer payments and history on QuickBooks Online, as MagicPay Invoice transfers not only payment data but also customer billing data.

QuickBooks Online & MagicPay Invoice Workflow

  1. 1

    Run a transaction on your payment gateway

    Run a credit card transaction (Sale, Void, Refund or an Invoice Payment from QuickBooks Online payment link – sent to your customer) on your registered payment gateway with MagicPay Invoice. A transaction is a trigger for MagicPay Invoice to start the syncing process.

  2. 2

    Payment gateway sends transaction data to MagicPay Invoice

    Once a transaction is completed on the payment gateway, data is being sent to MagicPay Invoice for processing. MagicPay Invoice then reads your account details to match it to your QuickBooks Online account.

  3. 3

    MagicPay Invoice sends data to QuickBooks Online

    Once MagicPay Invoice processes the data received from your gateway, it then sends the data, in the correct format, to QuickBooks Online, so you can view your transactions in a clear, organized format on your QuickBooks Online account.

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